About Us

Accredited Tour guide and VIP Close protection security officer

Amidst the wonder and beauty that is Cape Town, or as we like to locally refer to her as, “The Mother City”, is where I was honoured to be born and raised. My passion for South Africa and its exceedingly diverse and multi-cultural society has been at the forefront of my career choices, which have led me to where I am today.

Although currently a certified Tour guide and VIP Close protection security officer, my formative years were equally enthralling, working in the film industry as a stunt actor, mostly (and ironically) in the role of police, security, or a soldier. This placed me in the fortunate position to be paid to “work” in beautiful locations, surrounded by nature, throughout South Africa!

This, in turn became a privilege I often found myself quite mesmerised by. 

The idea to become a local tour guide was ignited in 2014. I had the opportunity to enjoy a small role in an episode of “Homeland” as the leads “personal security officer”. Whilst driving the cast around in-between locations I was asked about Cape town, its history, sights, and experiences. As I began narrating the story to them, of everything I knew, this idea of actually being a tour guide teased my mind!

Fast forward to today, a few years later and my vision is has come to life.

I look forward to sharing the wonders of our beautiful city with you. 

- Lance


My mission as your tour guide is to foster a fun, safe experience, that transforms your Cape town experiences into everlasting memories.


I invite you to see why South Africa is known as the destination where you can “experience the world within one country”. Our numerous landscapes, cultures and gastronomic delights will render an unparalleled feast for the senses.